Club and International Match Programs

The humble football program has long been the souvenir of choice for the fans in the stands on match day. As technology has advanced the program has expanded to not only a souvenir but a great advertisement tool, with the power to reach thousands of people every week.

Collecting Football Programs

Select clubs in Europe have a dedicated program shop, but these are few and far between. Independent traders and fans are relied upon to bring programs to the collectible market. With the development of the internet it has become easier than ever for collectors to buy and sell. The online marketplace has also helped to stabilize the market prices of sought-after programs that were once considered impossible to find. Among the best-known programs in the UK are the Manchester United v Sheffield Wednesday FA Cup game in February 1958 and the 1966 World Cup Final, in which England defeated West Germany 4-2, earning their first World Cup Title.

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