Name & Numbering

Subside Sports offers one of the most professional and reliable shirt printing services available anywhere in the world. Having been in operation since 1997, our team have handled 1000s of different name & numbering styles in various materials and with differing application processes. It is this knowledge and experience acquired over the last 2 decades that has allowed us to achieve an unbeatable reputation for authenticity and accuracy and we hope this should make you feel confident enough to entrust us with your order.

Ordering Information

Some shirts can be personalized with the official name & number of a player of
your choice.

Use the Official Player menu to select the team player and official squad
number of your choice.

Some teams may have 2 or more different name & numbering styles.
Please be sure to select your preferred option.

Add your own personal name & number.
If you do not wish to order from the Official Player List and would like to add an alternative player name or your own name & number then please select your preferred style of name & numbering from the menu. This will then open up a text entry field for you to enter your name and number.

If you are unsure about these options or have any other question concerning the name & ordering process, then please contact customer services who will be pleased to help you:

The Application Process

Once you confirm your order, our warehouse staff will send your shirt to our printing department. The first stage of the process is to ensure the correct style of name & number is selected for your shirt. Our staff are always very careful at this stage to double-check the original order instructions.

Your shirt is placed carefully over the plate of a heat-press with any creases or wrinkles removed.

The name and number transfers are then placed on to the front or back of the shirt and aligned carefully in accordance with the exact application instructions for that particular shirt. With 100s of different clubs and styles available it is vital to have experienced staff on hand to ensure the correct process is selected for your shirt.

The correct temperature and time is selected in accordance with your order and the upper heat plate is brought down on to the transfers to complete the printing process.

If you have ordered additional sleeve badges these will then also be added using exactly the same process.

The transfer material backing is removed, a careful check is made to ensure your shirt is finished exactly as it should be and is passed back to our warehouse team ready to dispatch.


We will always do our best to notify customers regarding what we perceive to be errors in spelling or incorrect numbers for known players, but final responsibility for providing accurate information for personalized orders rests with the customer.
Please refer to our returns policy for further details on the eligibility of printed items for return.


Please allow an extra 5 working days for shirts requiring name and numbering.
Some personalisation may require additional delivery time but we will notify you if this is so.
If this is your first time to order a printed shirt then we hope the information above will provide you with a clear overview of the process. If you have any questions then please feel free to call customer services or email us at: