Football Shirt of the Year 2015

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Manchester United Home Football Shirt

15-16 Man Utd Home Shirt

After 13 seasons with Nike and a number of less than inspiring designs in recent years, the announcement of a new deal with adidas was welcomed with open arms by the vast majority of United fans. A relatively safe design for the first home kit still proved a massive hit with fans buying into the new 3-stripe era.

Manchester United Football Shirt

15-16 Man Utd 3rd Shirt

Nike’s attempt to boost their declining reputation in the football shirt design market with their Champions League targeted ‘Night-Rising’ range was also outdone by adidas with United’s 3rd shirt a striking black and neon-red design helped by a colour coordinated name & numbering system for the back of the shirt.

Bayern Munich Football Shirt

15-16 Bayern Munich 3rd Shirt

Similar to the Man Utd 3rd shirt adidas have used a striking dark navy design with neon pink to target Bayern’s night-time Champions League exploits around Europe. With colour-coordinated squad name & numbering on the back the shirt looks stunning under floodlights and is a huge hit with fans.

West Ham United Football Shirt

15-16 West Ham United Home Shirt

It was fortunate that West Ham were under contract to Umbro going into their final season at Upton Park as no other company comes close to understanding the essential blend of history, tradition, & club culture required for a design to commemorate such a momentous season. The Boleyn Kit is a fitting tribute to 112 years of sporting history.

Bhutan Football Shirt

15-16 Bhutan Home Shirt

Ranked 180 in the FIFA rankings, it’s always great to see one of the smaller nations make an effort with their national team shirt. Bhutan have used the dragon motif taken from the national flag to create a simple but effective design perfectly representing the independent fighting spirit of this famously reclusive nation.

Watford Football Shirt

15-16 Watford Home Shirt

One of the best hornet designs in recent seasons; this shirt has been a hit with fans as they attempt to maintain their newly earned Premier League status.

Juventus Football Shirt

15-16 Juventus 3rd Shirt

After 12 years with Nike, the launch of the new adidas era was eagerly anticipated by Juventus fans and they were not let down with 3 strong designs. The 3rd shirt is the pick of the bunch - highlighting the greater effort made by adidas designers in gaining the consent of sponsors and club to agree on a unified gold colour coordination for the Jeep logo and the Juve crest. The result of this extra attention to detail has created a stunning design.

River Plate Football Shirt

15-16 River Plate Away Shirt

Another strong diagonal patterned design from River but this is one of the best; a 2-tone graded red lower half contrasting the upper black half gives this shirt a distinctly unique look.

Barcelona Football Shirt

15-16 Barcelona Home Shirt

Nike dared to challenge convention with the change from vertical to horizontal stripes but despite hardcore Barca fans voicing their dismay, the shirt has gone down extremely well - no doubt helped by the timely launch of the new design on the day of the Champions League Final. A stunning, unforgettable goal from Neymar against Villareal will also cement this design in the annals of Barca history.

Lazio Football Shirt

2015 Lazio 115 Years Centenary Shirt

Based on one of most iconic Italian club shirts of all time – this resurrection of the 1980s ‘Magila Bandiera’ kit is a master class in how to seamlessly blend club crest imagery into the main body of the shirt. Even better than the original, this is one of the best reworked retro kits we've seen.

1860 Munich Oktoberfest Football Shirt

1860 Munich Oktoberfest Shirt 2015

Another great effort from Macron with this latest interpretation of the annual Oktoberfest match shirt launched to coincide with the opening of Munich’s annual beer festival. This year’s design uses the club's original green and gold colors to create the appearance of a traditional Bavarian Janker jacket and the shirt comes packaged in a special wooden effect cardboard box reminiscent of the benches used at the Oktoberfest.

Sao Paulo Football Shirt

15-16 Sao Paulo Home Shirt

A strong first design from Under Armour as they seek to gradually increase their global football presence by tying up Sao Paulo to a new 5-year deal. The home shirt uses a larger centrally positioned team crest than in previous years which, when worn by the likes of Pato, Luis Fabiano and Denilson makes for a bold and combative statement.

Palmeiras Football Shirt

15-16 Palmeiras 3rd Shirt

A stunning silver metallic shirt with traditional Palmeiras green trim, this design also boasts a unique graphic pattern showing the Savoia trophy on the front to honor the 100th anniversary of Palmeiras' first-ever title.

Monterray Football Shirt

15-16 Monterrey Away Shirt

One of the more subtle designs in this year’s nominations; the Monterrey Away shirt incorporates irregular light grey wave patterns across the front paying homage to the Cerro de la Silla mountain range overlooking the city.

Bordeaux Football Shirt

15-16 Bordeaux 3rd Shirt

French clubs have built a reputation for pushing the boundaries on experimental design for Away & 3rd shirts and this season Bordeaux have maintained that accolade with a vivid, eye-catching design using a shimmering mixture of neon wave patterns on a deep indigo fabric.

LA Galaxy Football Shirt

15-16 LA Galaxy Home Shirt

A carry-over from the 14-15 season with an extra star added to the crest, this shirt did not make our list of nominees last year due to the usual abundance of national team shirt candidates in a tournament year. Based on the adidas Condivo shirt this is a great example of a standard template being customised in a way which reveals little of it’s plain origins and projects, instead, a unique design worthy of a big city club.

Real Madrid Football Shirt

15-16 Real Madrid Away Shirt

After last season’s bold use of a pink away shirt to rock the Real Madrid establishment it was not surprising the club returned to a more sedate colour this season. Far more wearable off-pitch for fans this shirt has been a huge success with the light grey melange fabric giving at an almost t-shirt type feel with the vivid light green 3 stripes indicating it’s professional garment status.

AS Roma Football Shirt

15-16 AS Roma Away Shirt

A favourite of the purists, the recent sponsor-free Roma shirts have provided a refreshing reminder of how football shirts once were. The away shirt has just edged out the home shirt on account of it’s subtly sublimated imprint of an old map of Rome on the front panel. Not quite strong enough to easily catch the eye, it nevertheless injects a strong shot of additional Roman homage & allegiance in to the shirt.

Seoul Eland Football Shirt

2015 Seoul Eland Home Shirt

Marketed and designed by the club themselves this shirt uses a bold blue & black leopard print design for the main body with two striking gold shoulder sashes to give off an aggressive fang-like appearance. Who knows, in terms of football shirt design psychology perhaps this is enough to scare the opposition in to conceding on average 2-3 goals extra over the course of a season?

PSG Football Shirt

15-16 PSG Home Shirt

Printed inside the collar of this shirt are inscribed the words “"Ici c'est Paris” (This is Paris). This simple, understated but now profound design element alone gains the PSG shirt entry into this year’s nominations.

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