adidas Originals

Welcome to the Subside Sports Fashion Store.
We have brought together a collection some of greatest sports fashion brands, including adidas Originals, Copa, Hummel, Longshanks, Retake and St Pauli.

Terrace fashion has been a major product line for Subside Sports ever since the launch of the Great Britain adidas Originals Track top back in 2004, this iconic top is still in demand today but we now offer a wide range of licensed and unlicensed originals T-shirts and jackets from the ultimate retro fashion brand.

Where possible we will always purchase the re-releases of the original shirts. Some of the best styles released in the past few years have been the Candy Liverpool retro jersey from 1989, Crown Paints Liverpool retro shirt from 1986 (Dalglish, Rush) and the AC Milan Cup Winners Cup shirt from 1990 (Gullit, Van Basten). These have been lovingly reproduced by the people at adidas Originals who appreciate the fans who had either lost their original shirts or were too young to buy them at the time. We are constantly trying to tap into the adidas heritage archives and will feature any new releases.

Copa is favourite brand of Subside Sports, imported from Holland, offering both excellent quality retro shirts and jackets. They also supply us with wide range of fashion t-shirts and jackets.

St Pauli products are imported from Germany, and both their technical brand of football shirts (DYF) and the own-brand (St Pauli) apparel and accessories give a whole new dimension to club associated product that many Premier League and La Liga teams could only dream of. Helped of course by the fact their logo is a skull and cross-bones, and that they're located in one of the toughest areas of Hamburg. By luck or judgement this has made St Pauli one of THE teams to support in Europe, with close associations with Celtic and now of course competing in the Bundesliga.